AZUMI SPC flooring production line utilizes fully automated equipment from mixers to extruders, calenders, coolers, and cutter, to auto manipulator of the finished flooring. The resulting product has no formaldehyde and is resistant to mildew, moisture, fire and insect damage and comes in a variety of options for style and color. It is perfect for indoor floors of hotels, hospitals, malls and other public locations.

SPC Flooring Production Line
  • Auto Loading Manipulator
  • Inclined Roller Conveyor
  • Multi-blade Panel Saw
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Right-angle Conveyor
  • Flipper Conveyor
  • Longitudinal Belt Conveyor
  • Longitudinal Profiling Machine
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Cross Profiling Machine
  • Flipping Ash-brush Machine
  • High-Speed Stacking Machine
  • Auto Stacking Manipulator
  • SPC Flooring Production Line
  • SPC Flooring Production Line
  • SPC Flooring Production Line
  • SPC Flooring Production Line
    1. Mixing & Extrusion
    2. Mixing & Extrusion

      A blender and an extruder constitute the combination of the mixing & extruding section.

    1. UV Coating
    2. UV Coating

      The UV surface treating section is made up of various equipment, such as a dryer, coating unit with a single roll, and a leveler.

    1. Sawing & Profiling
    2. Sawing & Profiling

      This section of slitting, profiling and packaging is perfect for cutting PVC/WPC/SPC/solid wood flooring in a single sheet.

    1. Surface Defect Inspection System
    2. Surface Defect Inspection System

      Flooring surface defects detection system is designed to detect defects in wood, plastic, and furniture panel floors, as well as eliminate any unsatisfactory products.

    1. Bevel Painting and IXPE Backing Laminating Line
    2. Bevel Painting and IXPE Backing Laminating Line

      This flooring bevel-painting line is perfect for making the top and bottom bevels for PVC/WPC flooring.

    1. Automatic Flooring Packaging Line
    2. Automatic Flooring Packaging Line

      The flooring auto packaging line makes use of a sturdy frame construction for increased dependability and includes a system for automated regulation in order to minimize operating costs.

    1. Wall Panel Double-End Tenoner Line
    2. This wall panel slitting and profiling line is tailored to serve light board products such as stone plastic, wood plastic foam, bamboo wood fiber, cement gypsum board, and glass fiber glass magnesium board. Automation provides a cost-saving benefit of reduced labor costs.

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